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I first learned my love of photography from my father; at the age of 10 he gave me his old Pentax Spotmatic. It was a completely manual focus and manual exposure camera with screw on lenses. I believe that learning to shoot on a completely manual camera helped me develop an eye for light and a better understanding of how that light would be captured photographically. Since then things have changed a lot! In the 1990's I switched to the Canon EOS line of auto-focus cameras, shooting mostly with a Canon A2 and a series of EF and EF-L lenses. In 2008, after being out of the professional photography field for several years, I took the plunge and went fully digital shooting mostly with a Canon 50D, 60D, 5DII and 1Ds; again with a series of EF-S and EF-L lenses. When I first learned Photoshop in 1992 I was using Photoshop 2.5... now I use Adobe Creative Cloud with numerous plugins.